ficlet: oh, the reason i hold on (h/l) // pg

oh, the reason i hold on
191 words. pg. harry/louis.
summary: some time between recording up all night and it release, louis contemplates life in one direction.
author's notes: this is just a quick ficlet.  having a tough night so i took to writing.  not sure how i feel about it to be honest.  title is from stay by rihanna.  listening to the track helps set the tone.

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ao3 invite anyone?

okay hello!  so i am searching for someone who can give me an invite to ao3?  the queue for an automated invite in ridiculous and i want to start posting wasted british youth there, but i need an invite?  if you're willing to invite me please let me know below.  it'd be greatly appreciated! xx

talkin' it up on the barry gib talk show

so first of all, wow and thanks to all the people who've decided to friend my writing journal.  i'm honored, seriously.  i figured since you lot have all been so kind to me i'd be kind back and fill you in on what's been on my writing brain recently.

i've got three fic ideas that are rolling right now.  the first is my skins!1d fic, that i've been planning for about two months now.  i'm currently in the midst of writing episode three, but taking a break from it to regroup.  sometimes you've got to step away from your work and come back later in order to get the best result.  the second thing is that i've decided to possibly turn eighteen into a verse.  i've got something writing from liam's pov but i keep not liking what's coming out and restarting.  hopefully i settle on a direction soon.

lastly i've been listening to safe & sound by taylor swift on repeat for two days now, and i've been writing an apocalypse fic centered around louis.  it'll end up being a zouis fic, but there's a lot of past background that involves larry and ziam both.  i'm extremely excited about it.

so that's basically what's going on with me :)  feel free to leave comments or anything oh that nature, i'll try and get back to you all in a timely manner. :)

- zee.