zee (thediamondskies) wrote,

give me the green light and we'll go (hs/ng) // nc-17

give me the green light and we’ll go (ao3)
harry/nick. nc-17. 4019 words.
summary: his hair’s long and floppy, a wisp of curls fluttering in breeze, and when he turns towards where nick has slowed down his car, he’s got big green eyes and big, full lips.
a/n: so basically thank you harry styles for wearing this sexy ass sweater and causing a very long twitter conversation with nan that turned into 4k hooker!fic. Also thanks to bella for the quick beta and also being the world's greatest cheerleader. oh, and the title's taken from make you believe by justin bieber.
Tags: fic: one-shot, rating: nc-17, ship: harry/nick
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