zee (thediamondskies) wrote,

ficathon: because everyone needs more niall sex

niall smut!athon
because everyone needs more niall sex.

leave a comment with a prompt, anonymously or not (ip logging is off), and leave comment!fic.

* all prompts must be niall-centric and include orgasms.
* one prompt per comment. feel free to post multiple comments!
* you can post to your journal or ao3, but please note if it's f-locked.
* multiple fills are always welcome; the more the merrier!
* genderswap and het prompts are welcome.

* don't be an asshole; no kink shaming.
* warn for common triggers.


* the world better prepare - niall / harry | can i please get some good ol' narry frottage up in here?
vermilion - niall / harry | oral fixation, harry can't stop obsessing over niall's mouth.
* untitled - niall / solo | niall wanking in his bunk on tour.
* i like 'em sixteen with bleached hair and supreme tops - niall / liam / zayn | high school au (or equivalent), drunk making out shenanigans.
* untitled - niall / simon cowell | backstage blowjobs at the recent performance on x factor usa.
* take you down to paradise - girl!niall / zayn | they're best friends and hanging out.
* untitled - niall / demi lovato | lots and lots of niall going down on her.
* untitled - niall / zayn | wanking each other off to "right here" by justin bieber (ft. drake!)
* untitled - niall / girl!zayn | niall going down on ladies yes please
* let me see what you're packing inside that denim - niall / zayn | fratbro car sex
* untitled - niall / liam | when niall's drunk he reallly loves giving liam messy blowjobs
* untitled - niall / zayn | d/s (don't care which is which) and how their relationship works
* pull me down hard - niall / zayn | niall likes zayn's tattoos a lot. warnings: pain kink, kink discovery, mild drug use, language

have fun!
Tags: ficathon: niall smut!athon
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