zee (thediamondskies) wrote,

ficlet: oh, the reason i hold on (h/l) // pg

oh, the reason i hold on
191 words. pg. harry/louis.
summary: some time between recording up all night and it release, louis contemplates life in one direction.
author's notes: this is just a quick ficlet.  having a tough night so i took to writing.  not sure how i feel about it to be honest.  title is from stay by rihanna.  listening to the track helps set the tone.

louis feels so tired.

it’s been a long week. they’re go go go, constantly on the move. their star’s just starting to rise, and their time is coming. he can feel it in his bones. he wants this so badly. he wants the fame, and the acknowledgement that he can truly sing. he wants the fans screaming his name. he wants all the accolades that come with success. a brit award, a number one album, a sold out tour.

but for now they’re here: waiting. for now it’s him and harry tucked away in a hotel room trying to sleep through the night before waking up and attempting to make their dreams a reality.

harry shifts in his sleep, green eyes peeking open from underneath the covers.

“y’alright?” he grumbles, hand instinctively reaching out. louis grabs his hand out of habit, squeezes his fingers tightly.

everything could crash and burn tomorrow. their cd could flop. their fans could move on to the next big thing. they could get dropped by the label. everything could go from the best time of his life to the worst.

he’d still have harry.
Tags: fic: ficlet, rating: pg, ship: harry/louis
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