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friending post / fic masterlist.

hello! my name is zee and welcome to my writing journal.  i'm now officially f-locking all my work.  new posts will remain unlocked for three days before being locked permanently.  if you would like to be added as a friend, please comment in the post below stating why you would like to be added and i'll try and get to you as soon as possible.  you must comment to be added.  below is a complete masterlist of all fic i've posted.


775 words. r-ish. harry/louis.
warnings: recreational drug use
summary: harry goes to a gay bar and takes drugs and has sex and things.

trick or treat.
1130 words. nc-17. zayn/niall.
summary: niall is forced to dress in drag; zayn fucks the shit out of him.  written for this prompt @ [info]1dkinkmeme.

1650 words. r-ish. liam/zayn.
summary: zayn turns eighteen.  liam makes him his bitch.  written for this prompt @ [info]1dkinkmeme.

never trust a stranger.
959 words. nc-17. zayn/ofc.
warnings: elements of dub-con/date rape.
summary: zayn and the boys go out clubbing, and he gets drunk and taken advantage of.  written for this prompt @ [info]1dkinkmeme.

2210 words. nc-17. niall/everyone, niall/zayn.
summary: niall loves to suck cock.  written for this prompt @ [info]1dkinkmeme.

your turn to scream.
746. hard r. niall/zayn (brief mention of zayn/perrie edwards).
summary: he wants niall to fucking scream.

the ballad of mona lisa.
3219 words. nc-17. liam/zayn, side harry/louis.
warnings: brief mentions of bulimia and self-harm, drug use, and character death
summary: tonight liam will go home with his hand-prints on his hips and ugly, misshapen love bites, and he won't ever forget his night in london with the zayn malik.  written for this prompt at the ziam ficathon!

people say goodbye in their own special way.
1388 words. nc-17. liam/zayn.
summary: he feels angry for a moment.  angry at himself for letting liam do this, use him one last time. angry that there's nothing he can do to keep the one person he's ever truly loved all to himself.  but most of all he's angry at liam for always bringing him to his knees.  written for this prompt over at the ziam ficathon!

something you love.
705 words. pg-13. harry/nick, past harry/louis.
warnings: drug use (brief mention of marijuana)
summary: the thing is, nick doesn't make him hide.  but he doesn't make him define, either.  this... thing it's.  it's malleable, a series of fixed points in time bending and twist and turning into non-linear moments of... something.

this is a place where i feel at home.
3598 words. r. harry/nick, past harry/louis.
warnings: very brief mentions of marijuana
summary: it gets tiresome, being harry styles from one direction. sometimes he just wants to be harry, the kid from cheshire living the twenty-something life in london's elite neighborhood.  written for the jun 25th prompt over at we_are_cities.

oh, the reason i hold on
191 words. pg. harry/louis.
summary: some time between recording up all night and it release, louis contemplates life in one direction.
author's notes: this is just a quick ficlet.  having a tough night so i took to writing.  not sure how i feel about it to be honest.  title is from stay by rihanna.  listening to the track helps set the tone.

nc-17, louis/justin bieber.
ficlet request: hey zee wanna write me some louis/justin where justin has to win louis over because louis doesn't like him?

nc-17, niall/justin bieber.

ficlet request: justin tries to convince niall he likes him just as much.

pg-13, harry/nick grimshaw.
ficlet request: nick reflects on how ~vulnerable harry makes him feel.

pg-13, harry/nick grimshaw.

ficlet request: more harry/nick of whatever you like but make it angsty and happy (maybe some jealousy)


wasted british youth.
27155 words (hiatus). nc-17 overall. harry/louis, harry/zayn, liam/danielle, niall/cher lloyd.
summary: a skins!au fic.  in which harry is the alpha male, zayn is his tempermental boyfriend, niall is the awkward virgin, liam is the group mediator, danielle is his loyal and kind-hearted girlfriend, and cher is danielle's slightly chavvy best mate.  oh, and louis the new kid thrown into the middle of it all.
chapters: episode 1: everyone. | episode 2: harry. | episode 3: louis. | episode 4: zayn. (part ii) | episode 5: danielle. | episode 6: niall. | episode 7: cher. | episode 8: liam. | episode 9: finale.

original fiction.

untitled skins gen 4 project.
the beginnings of a generation four fic.
Tags: !from zee, f-locked, fic: masterlist
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